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Revolution celebrate their first-ever Supporters’ Shield

Even after a loss, New England had reason to celebrate

J.Alexander Dolan

The New England Revolution didn’t end the season with a win, but they did earn the Supporters’ Shield by breaking the single-season points record. I’d say there’s plenty to celebrate.

After Sunday’s 1-0 loss to Miami CF, Revolution players gathered in front of the Fort to lift the Supporters’ Shield for the first time. It was the moment that Henry Kessler has been waiting for.

“It was great to get our hands on some silverware,” Kessler commented with a smile. “I’ve certainly been anxious to do so since we’ve had it clinched for three games now. Some of the supporters have made me pretty jealous, because it’s the Supporters’ Shield, so they’ve had their fun with it already. So, I’m like, when do we get our turn? Tonight, we did and I think we’ll continue to celebrate it.”

Kessler noted that there was music in the locker room, as well as an area for players to get pictures with the shield. Later, the players will have a reception with friends and family.

But it’s not just the players who are happy about this moment, as fans have also joined in. Diehards, some of which have been supporting the club since before it first kicked off, have taken turns holding the shield. It’s a moment of joy for anyone associated with the organization.

“I’m happy for the players,” head coach Bruce Arena said. “I’m happy for the fans, especially the ones that have been here for 26 years. So, you know, that’s a nice moment.”

Arena and the rest of the locker room will soon turn their sights towards winning the MLS Cup. For now, they’re going to celebrate a record-setting season, regardless of Sunday’s blemish.

“It’s kind of a little bittersweet because we didn’t get the result that we wanted,” Kessler explained. “Something Bruce said afterwards is, ‘Don’t let that take away from the season you had, best season in MLS history pointwise, so that shouldn’t be forgotten because of today’s result.’ So, obviously disappointed with today’s result, but kind of need to look back at how the whole season went, which was really well.”