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Revs fan happy with his Crayon Flag tattoo even after new crest debuts

Revs fan says, “We’ll never see a star over the Crayon Flag during a game and that breaks my heart.”

MLS: New York City FC at New England Revolution Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Revolution debuted a new crest on Thursday. Although the beloved Crayon Flag will remain for the rest of the 2021 season, a new crest will take center stage once the playoffs conclude. This means new marketing and merchandise.

One place where the Crayon Flag will remain is Mike McColgan’s calf, and he’s more than okay with that.

McColgan got the original Revs mark tattooed after the team’s amazing comeback against the Portland Timbers in 2019. With the Revolution down 2-0, McColgan promised to get a tattoo if his team salvaged a point. Late goals by Gustavo Bou and Carles Gil resulted in a 2-2 final scoreline.

A man of his word, McColgan went to Derek Farrow of Classic Tattoos in Jacksonville to get the work done. Although he admits many Florida residents don’t get the reference, he still loves the tattoo.

“Living in Jacksonville, there aren’t a ton of folks around that notice it, but the few folks that do recognize say they’ve seen it in FIFA before,” McColgan told The Bent Musket. “A lot of fellow Revs fans have complimented it whenever I go to a game, and there have been some laughs from Revs Twitter folks who remember when I promised to get it during that Portland game in 2019.”

McColgan looks at the tattoo as a reminder of all the memories he’s forged at games, tailgates, or simply on Twitter. He’s long represented the team through his apparel, so he was happy to do something more permanent.

The tattoo will now serve as a relic of the early years of the club since it will soon be replaced. This has stirred up some mixed feelings for McColgan, who actually likes the new design.

“I think the design is sharp and if it was for an expansion team, or a secondary logo I’d have no complaints,” McColgan said. “That being said, I hate that the Crayon Flag is going away and have a bitterness towards the new one. We’ll never see a star over the Crayon Flag during a game and that breaks my heart.”

The Revs of course have a long way to go before they earn a star to put over their crest. If they do collect the ultimate prize, McColgan might return to the tattoo shop.

“I don’t plan on getting it tattooed at this time, regardless of this season’s result,” McColgan explained. “I was planning on getting a star over the Crayon Flag if it the Revs were to win. You never know though.”