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Breaking: New England Revolution officially announce new crest

The Crayon Flag won’t be making it to 2022.

On Thursday morning the New England Revolution announced a new crest for the 2022 season. The Crayon Flag will be retired at the end of the 2021 postseason.

The new crest isn’t exactly new to Revolution fans since the logo was leaked earlier in the season.

While this is news to fans all across New England, this wasn’t a quick development. The club has been working on a new crest and brand identity since 2019. The new logo is the culmination of all that hard work.

Fan-feedback was a part of the design process. Members of The Rebellion and The Midnight Riders provided feedback. The club also sought input from individuals who enjoy soccer but don't consistently follow the Revs as well as general New England sports fans.

While the logo is changing, fans made it clear to the organization that the name New England Revolution needed to stay. The color scheme will also remain. While other colors were looked at, the consensus from fans and others was to keep the Red, White, and Blue.

The entire crest is designed with the region’s revolutionary roots in mind. While the Revolutionary War might have taken place over 200 years ago, the defiance of that generation still lives on today.

Even the font is tied to the American Revolution. The R in the center of the logo isn’t your standard Times New Roman or Comic Sans. The team got a custom font made to resemble lettering that you would find on the boxes of tea that were thrown overboard in the Boston Tea Party.

Many fans hoped that the tree of New England would be part of the rebrand. While those dreams didn’t come true, the imagery will be part of the branding.

The Revolution pro shop at Gillette Stadium is currently selling gear branded with the new crest. Fans will have an opportunity to pick-up a free flag with the new design this Sunday at the Revs home game against Miami FC.