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Ryan Spaulding’s consistency has him training with the first team

After a successful second season with Revs II, Ryan Spaulding is marking Carles Gil in training with the first team.

Forward Madison FC v New England Revolution II Photo by Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Things are going quite well for Ryan Spaulding right now.

The defender was named to USL League One’s All-League First Team after an impressive season with Revolution II and now he is training with the 2021 winners of the Supporters’ Shield. Along with the likes of Justin Rennicks, Edward Kizza, and Damian Rivera, Spaulding has been training with the first team as New England prepares for its first match of the playoffs.

When it comes to the season that he had with Revs II, Spaulding said that being named to the all-league first team meant a lot to him.

“I’ll be the first one to say that my first season with the team wasn’t super great. I had a lot of ups and downs. I think my goal going into this year was consistency and being reliable for my team every week and I think I was able to do that and I ended up getting first team all-league which was incredible.”

Spaulding tallied three goals and one assist as well as 26 key passes and 51 interceptions this past season. The defender also made six appearances on the USL League One’s Team of the Week. Spaulding also led all defenders in the league in “goals added,” with +5.88 goals added, which is also thirteenth across all of USL League One.

Spaulding also mentioned how helpful the Revs II coaching staff has been in his development as a player.

Clint (Peay), Marcelo (Santos), all the staff we have here, everything they do is to help you get better as a player on and off the field as a person and just continue that growth and believing in yourself and kind of trusting the process that they have going here and knowing that they are looking out for you in the best way and they really are,” Spaulding told The Bent Musket. “They are so helpful and anytime you had an issue or anything you go to them and they help you fix it and it’s just a great environment.”

Spaulding said that being able to train with the first team has been super cool especially since he has been watching them all year. He found out that he would be training with the first team after individual meetings were held at the end of Revs II’s season.

“I was ecstatic,” he said. “I was super happy and that’s why you join a second team. That’s why you go and train everyday, you play all those game to have this opportunity with the first team.”

One player who Spaulding has got well acquainted with during his time training with the first team is MVP candidate Carles Gil. The defender said he has gone up against the Spaniard around 50 times and he has been able to see up close and in person what makes him such a special player.

“Everytime he is dribbling with the ball at me I’m in hyperfocus,” Spaulding said. “He’s so quick and moves the ball side to side so well. The ball is like glued to his feet. You just try to stay in front of him. You’ll know that he is going to go left but he will still get you. It’s great learning experience because he is doing this to the best players in the MLS.”

Spaulding is definitely someone for Revolution fans to keep an eye on as he has the potential to compete for a spot on the first team in 2022.