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Potential DeJuan Jones-Lee Nguyen Trade Proposals for #24

So Lee Nguyen is back on the Revolution...but DeJuan Jones has his old jersey number. Can the young wide player fleece the former MVP finalist in a kit trade?

MLS: Chicago Fire at New England Revolution Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

There are many things to talk about with yesterday’s news about the return of Lee Nguyen to the New England Revolution. There are starting lineups and formations, minute rotations and management, and are the Revs a bigger playoff threat than they were last week among other topics.

Those however, are not the most important order of business and pale in comparison to the rampant speculation which we are about to start:

What exactly could DeJuan Jones get in a trade for the #24? This assumes that Lee Nguyen wants his old number back and I’m sure there are other merchandise rules and things that need to be followed, but this is the most important thing to be decided this week at training.

Trades for jersey numbers are not unheard of, and two of my favorites are NFL punter related with Jeff Feagles of the NY Giants and Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings netting a vacation from Eli Manning and a charity donation from Donovan McNabb respectively for the star quarterbacks to secure their preferred numbers.

So we put the suggestion to our crack research staff here at TBM to come up with potential ideas to help out DeJuan in his quest to uphold the Revs’ title as best traders around, and fleece this incoming Inter Miami bench player for something other than Garber Bucks.

Are these still a thing? I have no idea, I don’t eat at Chipotle, I go to Taco Bell and raid the value menu like the true fat person that I am. However, Jones surely has better nutritional habits than I do, and adding a substantial and free supply of burritos, quesadillas, guacamole, and chips and queso seems like a good idea to me.

Except I hate guac. That’s right, I said it - #TeamNoGuac.

SETH: Lattes for the rest of the season

No soccer player puts more care into making a latte than Nguyen. The guy showed off the delicate art in an Instagram video that appeared on MLS Idle (see the video link around the 9 minute mark). While Nguyen didn’t win the competition, the skill could be used to get the number 24 from Jones.

JOSH: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 (Michigan State)

It’s no secret that DeJuan stays dripped from head to toe. Emphasis on the toe. Whether it’s on his personal Instagram or on the field, DeJuan can be see. rocking the freshest of kicks. The perfect way for Lee Nguyen to win DeJuan’s heart and number would to add another piece to DeJuan’s wardrobe. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 (Michigan State) are not only a fresh pair of shoes, but also tie in Jones’ love for his alma mater Michigan State University. Not only does this play in to DeJuan’s love of fashion, but allows him to display his Spartan Pride.

SAM: 24K Gold Cuban Link necklace

Like Josh I think that DeJuan will be wanting something that will look good for the gram. Why not grab a nice Cuban link necklace to add some shine to those pics. Now of course it’s got to be 24K the man deserves the best and it also happens to be the number that Nguyen wants (and deserves). Also Lee is coming from Miami. With a large number of Cuban residents calling south Florida home it only seems fair to get that style of necklace. So don’t be surprised if we see Jones rocking a new piece the next time he walks into Gillette Stadium.

Have something you think DeJuan should ask Lee for? Leave your ideas in the comments below.