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New England Revolution’s equipment was once held for ransom during preseason

There’s no soccer, but we’re hearing some great Revs stories.

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Seattle Sounders FC v New England Revolution Photo by Gail Oskin/Getty Images

MLS is currently on hold but there are still ways to have soccer in your life. It might not be the same, but various outlets have been producing content to highlight some of the best moments in league history. Here’s some of the best content related to the New England Revolution.

1. MLS Remix: Revs v. D.C. United from 2004

Description: I’m a big fan of MLS Remixes because of the banter between the guests. This edition features Taylor Twellman and Alecko Eskandarian talking about a playoff game full of hard tackles.

Favorite moment: Twellman describes the Revs’ initiation process for new players, which is something that Clint Dempsey didn’t enjoy.

2. High Back Line Podcast interviews Khano Smith

Description: This new podcast (they aren’t even on iTunes) interviews former Revs player Khano Smith. The speedster talks about his entire career, recounting the moment he was discovered by Stevie Nicol, his multiple MLS Cup runs, and the transition to becoming a coach. Smith is now with Birmingham Legion FC (USL), sometimes known as Revs South.

Favorite moment: Smith tells a great story that details the time when the Revs’ equipment was held for ransom during preseason.

3. The Athletic tells 25 fun stories about MLS

Description: This one requires a subscription but it’s worth it. The article includes a lot of inside stories about your favorite league. There are two about the Revolution that you surely haven’t heard before.

Favorite moment: One story about the Revs involves a bunny. The other is about the club signing the wrong player.