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We have the perfect gift for Carles Gil as he returns to training

So it looks like Carles Gil returned to training today. In honor of this there exists one of the worst bootleg sports shirts ever of all time.

MLS: 2020 MLS Portraits USA TODAY Sports

All right, let’s get to the serious part first. Perhaps Carles Gil’s absence in the New England Revolution lineup will be short lived as the team’s social media released a picture of him at training earlier today.

The Revs attack lacked in the final third in Montreal but still generated a lot of high quality chances, especially from set pieces, and will only improve in the run of play as Gil returns to full fitness.

In honor of Gil’s training session today, we give you the worst knockoff, bootleg, awful thing that we’re absolutely going to spend $25 on courtesy of the artist formerly known as Jimmy Stagger:

This is magnificently bad. Wrong name? Check. Wrong team? Check. Mediocre and generic video game looking team logo? Check. Overly large American throwball numbers? Check.

For those that don’t know the reference to the infamous Bangladesh cricket team formerly known as the Rangpur Riders, they basically borrowed the Revs supporter’s group “Midnight Riders” logo for their team badge for a few years. They’re now called the Rangpur Rangers and have a far worse logo.

But back to the important stuff here, how do we get one of these to Carles Gil up at Foxboro? I am not worried about the $25, it’s the shipping, we need a picture of Gil training in this glorious atrocity and details on how to make it happen.