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Do we like the Revs new Throwback Home Jersey?

Our staff reacts to the new Revs home jersey as well as some reactions to new jerseys around the league.

MLS: FORWARD25 Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Revolution are an original MLS 96 club and their 25th anniversary jersey is very much an homage to that first season.

As modeled by Alexi Lalas above and in Jeff’s tweet, what I was calling the “Crayon Stripe” jersey is actually a pretty good modern update of the first Revs kit. The rumors of red shorts also turned out to be true and while it’s a departure from the familiar navy shirt/white shorts combo New England has worn the past few years, I think this is a very good kit but I am biased towards anything that perhaps can be created with shit MS Paint tools.

Anyway, as for the rest of the league...yeah, there’s a lot of “meh” when it comes to the kit releases. The stock Adidas kits are fine, clearly several teams knew what they were doing, the Portland Timbers and Minnesota United shirts are quite good. I think as far as design elements, the Revs crayon stripe is the pinnacle of fashion innovation for 2020 because...well there’s just not a lot of unique elements on other shirts to compare it too.

The “Flag of San Jose” kit for the Quakes makes a lot of sense now that I know what it is. The only kit that I might think is actually bad is the Orlando one where the badge seems to be staining the rest of the shirt...but at least they tried something.

Here’s some thoughts from the rest of the staff -

Alex: I did a small twitter thread on this last night, but the quick recap is the Loons won.

Minnesota United might have won, but the Revs kit is solid. “Crayon Flag meet Paint Mark. This photo doesn’t do the whole kit justice. Add in the red shorts and I think it looks pretty sharp. The paint mark is such a unique shape that has the potential to make some really cool designs for marketing/social media.”

Matt: I don’t what to say that hasn’t already been said. The red shorts absolutely complete the kit for me and make the shirt better than if it was just by itself.

To close out, the Revs gifted their three 25-year season ticket holders with a jersey in the days leading up to the event. Yes, this means you’re going to see more of our good friend Monty Rodrigues, who is already in every single fan related photograph we have here at TBM. But this was still pretty cool, including Diego mentioning he was 1 year old when the team started.

So what do we all think? Leave a comment down below and vote in our poll question about the Revs new look.


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