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New England Revolution: Krafts want a stadium in Boston

The drama surrounding the New England Revolution and a new stadium has a new chapter as ownership is determined to get a stadium in Boston.

SOCCER: MAR 07 MLS - New England Revolution v Chicago Fire Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Gillette Stadium is a perfect home for the New England Patriots. The stands aren’t packed during a pandemic, but they will be once life returns back to normal. For the New England Revolution on the other hand it is easy for them to feel out of place.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The Revolution shouldn’t be playing at Gillette Stadium. Even with the game growing throughout the United States, there is no way that they will be filling up Gillette. The optics will look bad no matter how many new fans the club attracts.

Even when The Fort is rocking and a massive goal is scored, fans feel like they are a small fish in a humongous pond. It’s hard to create that atmosphere that soccer fans love in such a giant stadium.

It seems as though New England’s ownership realizes that playing in Gillette isn’t the best option for the club. Earlier in December, Robert Kraft spoke to the Boston Globe and talked about plans for a potential new stadium.

“Eventually we’d like to invest the team up in the Boston area in a new stadium. Our current situation in Foxborough is not alighted with the massive growth in the league driven by urban soccer stadiums. What we’ve seen is many of these MLS teams in these cities are now more popular than the traditional big four sports.”

First off location is key. Having a stadium in Boston would make it easier for most fans to attend games due to the public transportation options that exist in the city. That’s a lot easier than making the trek out to Gillette Stadium.

Also, this would be a soccer-specific stadium. It would be built to create the best atmosphere for Revolution fans. The Fort would have its presence felt each and every match day.

If the Krafts want to show that they are truly invested in the growth of the Revolution and the game of soccer as a whole they need to build this stadium. New England isn’t that far off from being able to compete for an MLS Cup. They deserve to have their own stadium.

So Revolution fans should be excited. A new stadium could be coming relatively soon.