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The Legend of The Connecticut Army of Two

Otherwise known as the story of the last time New England (i.e. Connecticut) visited the hallowed baseball grounds known as Yankee Stadium.

MLS: FC Cincinnati at New England Revolution Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

One year ago the brilliant schedule makers over at MLS decided that a Wednesday was a perfect time for the New England Revolution to visit New York City FC and Yankee Stadium.

It was a rather dull match that ended in a 1-0 Revs victory thanks to a timely second half goal from Brian Wright. Issac Angking on his debut off the bench nearly doubled the lead late only to be robbed by the post. Despite being outshot 27-11 on the night overall, the Revs did fairly well to limit NYC overall. The shots on goal numbers were nearly even with a 6-5 tally slightly favoring the hosts.

But I do not remember this game simply because the Revs won. I remember this game because an all Connecticut away section led the way:

That’s it. That’s the whole Port-A-Fort right there at the start of the match. Me and Dennis (from Willimantic IIRC) were two of the like ten tickets sold in the away section for the match. There were more security staff and ushers in the section than there were tickets sold. And yes, as always that is me wearing the a baseball jersey cause I’m in a baseball stadium and if no one will ever insult the mighty BB the Bluefish or his musket.

Anyway, around halftime a few Brits stopped by to chat and never left. Wonderful blokes from Leicester and Watford, they taught us a few chants, answered the age old question as to why Watford are called the Hornets but have a Moose on their badge, and then the Revs scored. It was kind of unexpected and I don’t think Dennis and I were prepared for the moment but we recovered well and in time honored American baseball tradition...celebrated the Revs lead by signing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

There’s a few more videos from Lee from that game if you want to check them out, he doesn’t tweet much so you just have to scroll down a bit. Most of this legend lives on because of him and his friends. The three points were great, but chatting with those guys in the second half was the best. Meeting new friends, hanging out with old friends, and talking about Leicester City’s EPL title, the legend of the Watford Hornet-Moose, and leading the Revs to victory is really what soccer fandom should be about.

Anyway, this is a reminder that as a lot of you board buses tomorrow to come down to New York, that you have to go through my state. And someone, the chief blasphemous heathen, looking at you Monty, upset the soccer gods with their ongoing hatred of my state highway system and the number of people driving on them. This led to two supporters buses having to call my work number on my off day and I do not want a repeat of the New Jersey incident from last month. Nor do I want my state to be completely dismissed as it always is by the rest of New England because the corner where I live wears all the Yankees hats, Hank.

Remember that you need us on that wall, you want us on that wall. We are the first line of defense against Manchester City’s C team. We are the tip of the spear that reminds New York that it was Connecticut who responded to Massachusetts in 1775 and it wasn’t our city who let the British sit at dock during the entire Revolutionary War. We held out against all odds to bring home three points last year, so we don’t need your help to do it again though we know you’ve already paid for the buses and are coming down anyway.

The Army of Two does not wish song or tribute, nor monuments in our honor. Our wish is simple, remember us. Let any Revs fan who comes across this sacred and ill-fitting away ground, in all the decades of matches yet to be played, remember it was here we continued our state’s stand.

Just over a year ago we led New England to victory. Today, I pondered Bruce Arena’s cryptic talk of unity and victory. But time has proven him wise...for from Burlington to Boston, Providence to Portland the word was spread, of the brave Army of Two, so far from their homes, who raised up their scarves, not just for Connecticut, not just for Massachusetts, but for all New England and the glory our region holds.

Tomorrow on that ragged patch of infield dirt in the Bronx...Torrent’s hordes face obliteration!

Just there the barbarians huddle, sheer terror gripping tight their hearts knowing full well what merciless horrors they suffered at the scarves and songs of TWO Revolutionaries! Now, they stare across the field, at over 800 Revolution fans, representing over 14 million New Englanders.

The enemy fans outnumber us a paltry 20 to 1. Good odds for any New Englander. Today we rescue the Eastern Conference from tyranny and illegal sized soccer fields, and usher in a brighter hope for the postseason.

Give thanks, to the Connecticut Army of Two. TO VICTORY!

(Yeah, let’s see you lot insult my state the day before a bus right after that epic rework right there. See a lot of you tomorrow.)