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Three questions answered before Revs v. Rapids

How’s Kei doing?

Colorado Rapids Vs New England Revolution Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The New England Revolution face the Colorado Rapids in a Fourth of July clash. To learn more about Rapids, we spoke to Abbie Lang of The Burgundy Wave.

The Bent Musket (TBM): The Rapids sacked Anthony Hudson and are now unbeaten in 7, the Revs sacked Brad Friedel and are now unbeaten in 6. So are the Rapids actually good at soccer?

Abbie Lang (AL): Most of us knew the roster had potential and the level of talent we have was not reflected in the record. What we’re seeing now is a team that has been free to do what fits them best vs. trying to be forced into a box/formation/positions that didn’t work. They are adapting to each opponent and able to change tactics *in-game* if needed, and things are going well.

TBM: We miss Kei Kamara, how’s he doing? Are you treating him well? Is he happy?

AL: We love Kei and he seems happy, albeit confused about the fickle Colorado weather. He has said that his family is happy here and he’s been scoring goals, so I would like to think he feels the love.

TBM: The Rapids seemed to score plenty of goals, but the defense was an issue for the Rapids before the coaching change. Is that the biggest difference under Conor Casey?

AL: While I don’t want to underestimate the huge shift that occurred when Hudson was fired, I would give most of the credit here to the acquisition of Lalas Abubakar, a centerback that the FO picked up on loan from Columbus Crew. He is so fast, he is almost always in the right position to clear the ball, and he is a threat on set pieces. He’s been a key addition to the defense and the Rapids’ goals against average has dropped significantly since he arrived. He and Tommy Smith have found their rhythm.