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Gold Cup 2019

Gold Cup 2019

2019 Gold Cup Knockout Rounds Primer, Previews, TV Schedule

The quarterfinals are upon us, the bracket is set, it’s time to survive and advance.

2019 Gold Cup Group Stage Power Rankings

Which favorites impressed? Which regional powers disappointed? Which minnows crashed the party? We rank all 16 Gold Cup teams and await your disagreements in the comments below.

2019 Gold Cup Group D Recaps - Altidore’s Goal Secures Top Spot for USMNT

With both teams already locked into the quarterfinals, Jozy Altidore and the US bench carried the USMNT to the top of the group.

2019 Gold Cup Group B Recaps - Haiti Shocks Costa Rica to Claim Top Spot

Zachary Herivaux didn’t play, but Haiti is now undefeated going into the quarterfinals after a late winner at Red Bull Arena.

2019 Gold Cup Group A Recaps - Mexico, Canada Advance but Martinique Steals the Show

Martinique will not be going to the quarterfinals, but the highlights they left behind against Mexico are pretty awesome.

2019 Gold Cup Group D Recaps - USA Routs Trinidad, Panama Also Advances

This wasn’t supposed to be about payback...but the USMNT putting up six on T&T still feels pretty good.

2019 Gold Cup Group C Recaps - Curacao Upset and Eliminate Honduras

Group C does stand for Chaos, as Curacao eliminates Honduras and moves within a point of leaders Jamaica and El Salvador.

2019 Gold Cup Group B Recaps - Costa Rica and Haiti Clinch Quarterfinal Berths

Zachary Herivaux and Haiti will be moving on to the quarterfinals with Costa Rica after both teams claimed their second victories of the group.

2019 Gold Cup Group A Recaps - Mexico Tops Canada While Martinique Downs Cuba

2019 Gold Cup Group D Recaps - USA, Panama Take Charge With Shutouts

Tyler Boyd scored the first two goals of his international career as the USMNT and Panama sit atop the group standings with three points each.

2019 Gold Cup Group D Primers, Previews, TV Schedule - Guyana, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, United States

The USMNT gets a chance to redeem themselves against Trinidad and Tobago, but this isn’t a revenge game - it’s where the USA starts over from their failed 2018 World Cup qualification campaign.

2019 Gold Cup Group C Recaps - Jamaica Holds on at Home, Leads Group with El Salvador

A first half brace from Dever Orgill propelled Jamaica to a home win over Honduras, while El Salvador’s 1-0 win over Curacao also sees them at the top of Group C.

2019 Gold Cup Group C Primers, Previews, and TV Schedule - Curacao, El Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica

Enough with the blowouts, let’s hope Group C and Curacao can bring some chaos to the 2019 Gold Cup.

2019 Gold Cup Group B Recaps - Costa Rica Dominates While Haiti Stages Comeback

Revs midfielder Zachary Herivaux started and went the distance as Haiti made a second half comeback and Costa Rica dominated the nightcap.

2019 Gold Cup Group B Primers - Bermuda, Costa Rica, Haiti, Nicaragua

Costa Rica are the favorites, but can Zach Herivaux and Haiti challenge the Ticos for the top spot in Group B?

2019 Gold Cup - Group A Recaps - Mexico, Canada Rout Opening Opponents

Mexico and Canada left no doubts who were the favorites to advance out of Group A, scoring a combined 11 goals and both posting shutouts in their opening matches.

2019 Gold Cup Group A Primer - Canada, Cuba, Martinique, Mexico

Tata Martino has Mexico in prime position to reclaim the Gold Cup crown, but can Canada’s youth or Martinique’s magic spoil the group state for El Tri?