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Let’s celebrate Matt Reis because it’s his birthday

Happy birthday to a Revs legend.

Chicago Fire v New England Revolution Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

If you never got to watch Matt Reis play, I feel bad for you.

Reis, who suited up for the New England Revolution from 2003-2013, was one of the best goalkeepers in MLS history. The guy had cat-like reflexes and could seemingly do the impossible.

More than that, he was a charismatic presence in the locker room. My favorite Reis moment happened when I interviewed him about Clint Dempsey’s return. I asked Reis if Dempsey had grown while in Europe. The jokester quickly replied, saying, “I don’t think he’s gotten any taller.”

Today, Reis turns 42 and Twitter decided to celebrate the occasion by sharing their own Reis memories.

The MLS account put together a highlight reel of their favorite Reis penalty kicks. Seriously, how cool is it that he could both save and take PKs.

Open Wide for Some Soccer host Pablo Maurer decided to share a lesser-known, though equally awesome, moment.

Happy birthday, Matt. I hope you never change.