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Highlights From Revolution’s Season Member Night

There were some hard questions, bald jokes and a lot of smiles.

SOCCER: JAN 19 MLS SuperDraft Photo by Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Every year the New England Revolution get together with their season ticket members and have an event to kick off the new season. Every year, we get a few awesome tidbits of news that seem important so we’ll highlight some of them here.

1. Potential Deal with Hartford USL Team

This as far as I am concerned is the most important thing because now everyone will have to acknowledge Connecticut’s rightful place as a part of New England. This also implies/confirms the existence of that rumored Hartford team which I refuse to believe will happen until they fix up a stadium and actually kick the ball.

Okay, that first part is only important to me, but in reality the Revs are in need of a USL partner since their deal with the Rochester Rhinos fell apart a few seasons ago. Having a USL affiliate/team (significantly closer to home as well) should be a player development priority for the Revs and a potential deal with Hartford is a nice start.

2. Rowe and Friedel Have Jokes For Days

I think that second tweet the question was asked by a member of the audience, but I digress. This is fantastic chemistry from Rowe and Friedel and while I completely expect this from Kelyn, I am pleasantly surprised to see Friedel dishing out some smack talk as well. The Revs locker room has always been a more joking bunch and while Friedel certainly wants to mold it in his own style and probably a sense of professionalism seen in Europe, it’s nice to know the humor will still be there.

3. Stadium Tidbits

So we have our obligatory SSS question, our obligatory commuter rail question, and actually that last part is new. It seems the Revs have a new setup for advertising boards in the stadium. I’m not sure the number of teams that have LED/electronic ad boards in MLS but it’s nice to see the Revs join that group.

Since we’re removing Pats things from Gillette, I will take my shot at the Super Bowl losing Patriots here and post a link to Fly Eagles Fly and Nick Foles catching a touchdown pass.

I enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday and may have called clam chowda pants for 24-hours and I’m not apologizing for it.

4. Larger 2008 SuperLiga Sign

C’mon Mat, you had one job...I kid, but this is an important question and this should be asked next year.

5. This, as always, is the best part of these events.

There are more items to follow up on from the Season Ticket holder event but I wanted to highlight a few of the smaller takeaways here. Thanks to Kari Heisted (who you should follow @TravelingCEO for her excellent photography) and all those who live tweeted the event.