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Here’s the stadium Revs fans could’ve had

Cue up your Adele playlist.

Revs stadium concept

The New England Revolution might be getting a soccer-specific stadium! No they aren’t! Maybe they are! But actually they aren’t! Okay this time for real! Except not and don’t ever hope for good things!

The latest saga in the Krafts exploring a soccer-specific stadium for the Revolution has come to a dead end. The Bayside site under discussion is no longer available; instead the land, owned by UMass, will be considered for other waterfront development plans, according to the Dorchester Reporter. In a statement issued on, the Krafts stated, “...for reasons beyond our control, it has been determined that this project is not feasible to pursue on this site at this time.”

But at least Revs fans can now bitterly gaze upon what could have been theirs as the Revs have released concept art for the stadium-that-never-was.

Revs stadium concept

At least the Krafts got as far as having someone design a concept, showing they were putting some thought into it and not entirely talking out of the sides of their mouths. And it’s not like they could make UMass sign a deal with them, short of offering more money than was smart of them.

Scroll through all the pics at the source, preferably with your favorite nostalgia playlist on random. You can see they included a second, revised design that you still can’t have because the project is dead. You’ve got the whole weekend to either wallow or tell all your friends you just knew it was too good to be true.