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Boston Breakers officially sign Margaret Purce

Another draft pick officially joins Boston.

Stephanie Yang

The Boston Breakers have officially signed their #8 2017 draft pick, Margaret Purce. Purce joines fellow draftees Rose Lavelle and Morgan Andrews in getting the official nod from the team.

“Midge has really impressed since our preseason camp started. She is a quick, versatile forward who will give us something a bit different to the forwards that we already have,” said head coach Matt Beard via team press release.

This makes 19 out of the final roster of 20 for Boston. There are three draftees yet to be signed by Boston now: #8 pick Ifeoma Onumonu, #31 pick Sammy Jo Prudhomme, and #38 pick Hayley Dowd. With two goalkeepers already on the roster for Boston, that’s a tough uphill battle for Prudhomme, Libby Stout’s recent ankle injury notwithstanding.

Meanwhile Purce joins an attacking vanguard that includes Natasha Dowie, Emilie Haavi, Adriana Leon, and Tiffany Weimer. It’ll be interesting to see how Beard structures those forwards around Dowie, arguably still the centerpiece of Boston’s forward line. Purce could slot right in a front three, or perhaps come in as a sub in a front two.

Boston kicks off their next preseason game at 7 PM ET on Tuesday, March 28 against NEFC U15 boys at Forekicks in Taunton. This match will be open to the public.