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Know Thy Snow Day: Revolution-Orlando Preview That Wasn’t

Normally when we do this Q&A previews, there’s a game to play afterwards. Today however, is not one of those days.

New England Revolution Players Bring Summer Smiles to Patients and Families at Boston Children's Hospital
Snow Day karaoke at Boston Children’s Hospital? Sure, why not.
Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images for Boston Children's Hospital

Yesterday, both writing staffs at The Bent Musket and The Mane Land were prepared for a full day/weekend of game coverage for the match between the New England Revolution and Orlando City SC.

Then the Revs and MLS made the decision to postpone the match to September and both Michael Citro and I lit our previous Q&A on fire.

But we shall overcome this unexpected free weekend without soccer and find something else to do. Or in Michael’s case, relieve a lightning delay from 2015 in the Orlando press box.

TBM: Okay, so I know Florida doesn't exactly do "snow days" but what would be your go to time-killer if you suddenly had all day to do something other than shovel now and watch soccer? Play board games, binge on TV shows, finish that video game or book you're half way done with?

MC: None of this would have happened if you jerks could just have some normal springtime March weather. Oh, Google tells me this is normal springtime March weather for you. Never mind. Most of your suggestions sound good. I’m definitely behind on my reading and my TV shows. I could stand to have a day where I can clean out my DVR a bit. I’m not much on board games but a little Mario Kart 8 with my kid would be fun.

TBM: Craziest Orlando City weather delay story (this may include when it was a USL team or OCB) -

MC: While we don’t have snow, we do get frequent lightning delays here in Central Florida. We played Chicago back at the tail end of the 2015 season and had some lengthy delays both before and during the game and we’d been in the press box more than six hours. There was no food left and we had had nothing else to do so I started live tweeting a nightmare fantasy sequence where the press box had devolved into chaos, with things like this:

…and this:

…and this:

So, we had some fun with it.

TBM: I am not a good movie person, and someone on Twitter suggested the only reason to go to Patriot Place today is for a movie. Any suggestions of recent releases?

MC: I kind of want to see Kong: Skull Island or Logan. My wife would tell you Beauty and the Beast is the smart play. It seems like everyone else in SB Nation Slack would suggest F8: The Fate of the Furious.

TBM: Since we don't have NE-ORL to watch, which MLS game intrigues you the most tomorrow and will you watch it?

MC: I’ll probably check out the Philadelphia-Toronto match just because we play the Union next. Just sitting there rooting for red cards is always fun. Montreal-Seattle sounds like it could be an interesting match-up too.