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Revs Step Up For Unlucky Fan After Opener Postponed

A cross country flight was supposed to end with a soccer game, and it still will thanks to Brian Bilello and the Revs.

DC United v New England Revolution Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Canceling or postponing a major sporting event is not fun. Days to weeks of preparation is lost, time and labor has to be spent rescheduling the event and it’s basically a mess.

And that’s only talking about what teams generally go through, not the fans. Flights have to be rebooked, bus trips rescheduled, tickets exchanged on top of no soccer to watch this weekend. It’s a tremendous headache for everyone involved.

In one case, New England Revolution supporter “Trillvio Dante” (aka @YAMANSDOOD) of Denver already found himself in the Boston area with no game to watch. Formerly of the Boston area, Dante now has far more free time then he would have preferred with no game this weekend.

So naturally, the soccer community does what it does best, and reached out looking towards the Revs for a little assist.

After a bit, Revolution team president Brian Bilello came back with way more than a signed team soccer ball.

Kudos for the Revs for going above and beyond here for an unlucky fan. This situation might be more extreme than most fans who can simply stay home instead of driving or busing in to Foxborough tomorrow. Postponing the game early today saved Orlando a flight up to Boston and hopefully many others were able to adjust their plans if they were traveling from out of the region.

In this case a bad situation has been resolved into a pretty good story, putting a bright spot on a weekend without a Revs game.