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Potential Revolution Jerseys For Atlanta United’s Darren Eales After Losing Super Bowl Bet

The Atlanta Utd team president lost a friendly Super Bowl wager and now we’re coming up with friendly suggestions on what his Revs jersey should say.

MLS Atlanta Launch Event Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for MLS Atlanta

The New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons in a historic comeback victory in Super Bowl 51 last Sunday. The Revs wore Pats gear in preseason camp and after Patriots celebrated with a parade yesterday, at some point in the future Atlanta United’s team president Darren Eales will have to pay up on a small wager.

In short, he’s going to have to wear a full New England Revolution kit and the winning team president, our very own Brian Bilello, is looking for suggestions:

I will note that not all of the TBM staff is thrilled about this post, since despite rooting for the Revs we are all not Patriots fans. Our fearless leader Steve Stoehr is actually a Falcons fan and I am an Eagles fan who remembers 2005 like it was yesterday. However Nick and Matty are true Gillette Stadium stalwarts and probably enjoyed this exercise a little too much.

Jake: Eales / #51

Let's keep this simple. The New England Patriots won Super Bowl 51 in a historic comeback that eventually might lead to teams actually running the ball against the Pats in key situations. Regardless, as an Eagles fan I have no real reason to punish Eales and/or Atlanta United for this loss but a bet's a bet. Give Darren his actual last name and a non-traditional soccer number and I think it's fairly memorable preseason moment and laugh for an expansion club.

Seth: JOB DONE / #25

The jersey needs to conjure up emotions just by looking at it, which is why I went with the Patriots' slogan and the number of points that the Falcons once led by. The number 25 will forever be hated in Falcons country while the slogan is a reminder of New England's smugness. I can't imagine this is a shirt that Darren Eales will want to wear more than once, which is the point of a bet.

Nick: NETID / #5

“New England Till I Die,” the chant often heard from the depths of the Fort, would serve as the perfect catch line for Eales to sport on the back of his Revolution shirt. Slap on a number five to symbolize the Patriots’ five Super Bowl wins, and the Atlanta United head man has a one-of-a-kind kit that pays homage to two Gillette Stadium traditions: chanting and Lombardi trophies.

Jon: G.O.A.T. / #12

Oh, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. You've captured the hearts of New Englanders since 2000, and now you're the Greatest of All Time. I mean, FIVE SuperBowls?!?! How do you top that? It's immortality, it's greatness, it's bundles of eternal joy.

To rub salt into Atlanta's wound even further, Eales should have to wear Brady's number and his much-chagrined nickname. Maybe Eales will grow to like it, because, you know, game recognizes game. And Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever live. Step up on up, Mr. Prez.

Steve: Shanahan / #25

Shanahan, because Kyle Shanahan is incontrovertibly the reason that the Falcons blew that 25 point lead. His steadfast refusal to bleed clock, run the ball, and rest the defense throughout the 3rd and 4th quarter gave the Patriots all the time they needed to pull off the comeback.

And why 25? Because it was a 25-point lead. Inexcusable.

Matty: Pats Win / #51

(Matty did not offer an explanation but we’re going to loosely translate his happiness to “Scoreboard” and/or “Rings”.)

Now for some personal favorites suggested on Twitter:

Are there any jersey combinations or suggestions we missed? Leave your ideas in the comments below.