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Super Bowl Banter: Revolution, Atlanta United Make Pregame Wager

Revs commit to jersey swap, jokingly ignore “rules against rookie hazing.”

MLS Atlanta Launch Event
Atlanta United President Darren Eales (right) would look pretty good wearing a Revolution jersey. He’ll do just that if the Patriots win Super Bowl 51.
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for MLS Atlanta

If the New England Patriots win Super Bowl 51, Atlanta United President Darren Eales will pose in a Revolution kit. And if the Atlanta Falcons win, Revs President Brian Bilello will don an Atlanta United kit.

That's the wager the two clubs set up on Saturday, when the expansion side proposed the bet on Twitter. The Revs quickly obliged.

Bilello jumped into the fray shortly thereafter, making it known that he had not heard from Eales.

Bilello and the Revolution are no strangers to these wagers, having engaged in a bet with the Colorado Rapids last year ahead of the Patriots’ AFC Championship game matchup with the Denver Broncos. Of course, the Broncos outlasted the Patriots and ultimately went on to win the Super Bowl. As a sign of defeat, the Revolution changed its Twitter avatar to the Rapids’ logo.

This afternoon, the Rapids flashed back to last year, reminding both clubs that Denver owns the Lombardi Trophy until Sunday.

Here’s to hoping the Patriots hoist a fifth Lombardi Trophy tomorrow night.