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Revolution Kit Review: Did the Club Score With Its New Look?

Our staff ranks the new secondary shirt on a 1-10 scale.

The Revs unveiled a new secondary jersey during a launch event on February 12.
Credit: New England Revolution

The Revolution will sport a new look in 2017. To complement its navy blue primary shirt, the club unveiled an Old Glory-inspired secondary kit that features a defining split down the center of the jersey. Minimalist red shorts and classic white Adidas socks round out the look.

So, did the club score with its newest design? Or should Revolution fans start counting down to 2019, when a new secondary shirt will take over?

Our staff weighs in with a 1-10 rating of the kit.

Seth: 7 (out of 10)

It's better than I initially thought.

I wasn't impressed when the new shirt was leaked. The half and half design seemed incomplete and I couldn't help but think that it looked like something a jester might wear. That said, my thoughts shifted after the reveal as the shirt looks better when worn and paired with red shorts. It's not my favorite jersey—I'm a big fan of the primary blue used from 2014-15—but it's unique and much better than an all-white look.

Jake: 6

It's different.

I do not mean that's bad; we're not talking about whatever the Columbus Crew used last year. And as always, I fear this jersey will clash with a few others in MLS (no I haven't forgotten that burgundy-red game against the Colorado Rapids and I'm still worried about that opening game). But the purpose of an alternate kit is to be significantly different than your primary. In this case I think the Revs succeeded, even if this does have a New York Red Bulls feel to it (or Feyenoord for you UEFA fans). It might not be a perfect for every game but for the most part I think the Revs should be able to avoid any major issues with their two kits.

I still think the 2013-14 away white jersey with the red panels and blue trim is better. I don't have an issue with the design of the jersey, though I think the UHC logo gets lost when it's split down the middle (but I think tinkering with that could only make it worse). The socks/shorts are what will eventually win over many if they're not really excited about the shirt.

Nick: 6.5

It’s growing on me.

“Man, I'm going to miss those all-red kits.”

That was first thought when I saw Xavier Kouassi sporting the new Revs secondary shirt. The text-based UHC sponsor seems to get lost in the dividing line between the red and white sections, creating a jersey that feels jumbled. But the more I let it sink in, the more I appreciate the new style.

In years past, the Revs have conquered the all-white look, having donned a white secondary jersey almost every season from the club’s inception through 2015. This new “half-and-half” look feels simple—it’s not crowded by flashy design elements—yet still offers something unique. Most importantly, it feels overtly New England.

How do you feel about the new secondary kit?
Love it
Hate it