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Boston Breakers shuffle draft picks in trade with Chicago


The Boston Breakers continue to move pieces around the board in the weeks before the 2017 NWSL college draft, this time by switching up draft picks with the Chicago Red Stars.

Boston acquired picks #8 and #38 from Chicago in exchange for giving up picks #12, 16, and 21.

The Breakers now hold picks #1, 3, 8, 9, 11, 31, and 38.

That is four, count them, four first-round draft picks. If Boston wanted to take some highly-coveted players like Rose Lavelle and Morgan Andrews then deal the rest of their picks for things like international roster spots or future consideration, they’re well-positioned to do so now.

Boston still only has three or four open roster slots as of this writing, so they may use the first round to take the most interesting pieces off the board and then relax with mimosas for the next three rounds. Or they may wait to see who falls later in the draft and save a pick like #3 or 8 as leverage. You can check out our Breakers draft preview here.

The 2017 NWSL draft will take place on Thursday, January 12 at 3 PM ET at the NSCAA convention in Los Angeles.