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Freeform Friday: NWSL teams and their alignments

Here’s your shorthand guide to each team, as provided by an alignment chart.

NWSL logo
NWSL logo

Most people who have been using the internet for any length of time are familiar with the concept of an “alignment chart,” which creates categories for characters based on whether they are good, neutral, or evil, and whether they are lawful, neutral, or chaotic.

The alignment chart was originally created for the purposes of creating Dungeons & Dragons characters, but has since been adapted to help categorize just about anything, from TV and movie characters to politicians to animals.

So of course I (with the help of various SB Nation NWSL writers) had to put NWSL teams into a chart.

First of all, keep in mind that the use of “good” and “evil” in the alignment chart isn’t necessarily a moral judgment. Sometimes it just speaks to what the thing in that alignment values most. More altruistic or communal behavior trends towards the “good” end and more individualistic behavior tends towards the “evil” end. Nerdy enough for you? Let’s proceed.

NWSL alignment chart as of the beginning of 2017

FC Kansas City / Lawful Good

Lawful good is about duty and Doing the Right Thing the Right Way. FCKC has always been about methodically building something to last, a team that likes to play a good, smart brand of soccer.

Chicago Red Stars / Neutral Good

Chicago likes to play the game, but they can go towards chaotic or lawful on any given day.

Boston Breakers / Chaotic Good

The Breakers often mean well, but sometimes approach things haphazardly or in ways that don’t particularly make sense to others.

Orlando Pride / Lawful Neutral

The Pride mostly stay within the lines and don’t make trouble, but neither do they shy away from it.

Sky Blue FC / True Neutral

There they are.

Houston Dash / Chaotic Neutral

Look, the Dash do what they want. Sometimes it leans towards good, sometimes it leans towards evil.

Seattle Reign / Lawful Evil

The Reign are sometimes also called the Slytherins of NWSL. They know what they want and they’re masters of working the system to get it. They pursue their own ends, but within the bounds of their personal code.

Portland Thorns / Neutral Evil

They’re out for #1, and #1 is Portland, and they have the means to pursue that end however they want.

North Carolina Courage (and Washington Spirit too) / Chaotic Evil

On their first day, FIRST DAY in the league, the Courage tweeted this, having acquired wholesale the roster of the 2016 NWSL champions, the Western New York Flash.

The Spirit are, like Portland, out for #1 now, but unlike Portland have gone to unpredictable and arbitrary lengths to achieve their vision.

What do you think? Where would you align the teams instead?