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Twellman says Revs got significant money for Charlie Davies

Was the Charlie Davies trade a good one? Taylor Twellman thinks so.

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MLS trades that involve money can be difficult to assess because we never really learn the amount that was exchanged. So, when the New England Revolution sent Charlie Davies and their natural third-round pick in the 2018 SuperDraft to the Philadelphia Union in return for General Allocation Money, Targeted Allocation Money, and the Union’s natural first-round pick in the 2018 SuperDraft, many fans didn't know what to think.

That said, ESPN commentator Taylor Twellman has the inside scoop and believes that the Revs did quite well for themselves.

During an interview on The New American Game, Twellman was asked to give his thoughts on the Davies trade and the Revs legend didn't hold back. In fact, Twellman called it "remarkable" that people still criticize the transaction.

In making this claim, Twellman noted that Davies wanted a 210% increase in his salary. With this in mind, the Revs had to seriously consider the Union's proposal, especially since they were offering so much. According to Twellman, the Union paid a significant amount of money that meant the Revs "basically got Kei Kamara almost for free."

"The offer Philadelphia made New England--every single other team in this league said New England made out like bandits on that Charlie Davies trade," Twellman said.

Twellman went on to say that there were other factors that made this trade so appealing, including the impending Expansion Draft. With Atlanta and Minnesota entering the league next year, the chances of the Revs keeping Davies were slim.

"Charlie Davies would not have been protected," Twellman remarked. "You're not protecting Charlie Davies on that roster. So, you would have lost him for free? Every other team in Major League Soccer would've traded Charlie Davies before the Revs even called and asked Charlie his permission. That's fact, not opinion."