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Revolution coach is more popular than John Farrell

Boston fans like Jay Heaps more than John Farrell, according to a survey by Channel Media and Market Research.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

New England Revolution coach Jay Heaps is more popular among Boston sports fans than Red Sox manager John Farrell, according to a survey conducted by Channel Media and Market Research.

The annual study asked 14,000 Boston residents to think about the local sports scene. When it came to ranking the managers, Heaps was first-choice for 5% of respondents while Farrell finished with 4%. Bill Belichick topped the list with 66%. He was followed by Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, who collected 20%, and Bruins lead man Claude Julien, who tied Heaps' 5%.

It's worth noting that Farrell's favorable rating has been on a sharp decline since 2014. That year he garnered 19% but then fell to 6% in 2015. Heaps actually saw an increase from 2014 to 2015, going from 3% to 7%.

Unfortunately, the Revs were last when it came to favorite sports team, as they only received 1% of the vote. The Patriots were first with 49%, up 4% from last season, while the Red Sox were second with 26%. Rounding out the list were the Bruins with 16% and the Celtics with 8%.