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Watch Charlie Davies open up about cancer diagnosis

Charlie Davies is as upbeat as ever after beating cancer.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Always donning a smile that extends from ear to ear, you'd never guess that Charlie Davies has endured so many hardships.

In 2009, the striker was in a car accident that put his career and life in jeopardy. In 2016, his twin sons were born three months premature, leading to a prolonged stay in the hospital. Not long after that, Davies was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called tliposarcoma.

Fortunately, the New Hampshire native has survived it all. Davies brought his boys home in early June and recently announced that he's in remission. He's now looking to make his first appearance for the New England Revolution since April 27 when the club travels to face Orlando City SC on Sunday.

Davies spoke to close friend and former roommate Stuart Holden in an interview that aired on Fox on Sunday. Despite everything he's been through, Davies was as upbeat as ever.

"I've never thought, 'Why? Why me? Why that?'" Davies said. "But after this news, I thought, 'This has to be the right test right?' I mean, how many tests does one have to endure?

"That being said, all of these points in my life, all of these different types of diversity have helped me deal with the next one and the next one."

Davies explained to Holden that an MRI meant to explore the groin injury he suffered against the Portland Timbers revealed a tumor. The cancer diagnosis required surgery that removed a testicle and his scrotum. It was devastating news for the 30-year-old but he was soon able to find humor in the situation.

"The first thing I asked after I kind of knew I'd be in the clear was, 'Am I going to look deformed?' I have to shower with guys for my job," Davies said. "Let the jokes begin. I said, 'I guess I'll just be One Nut Chuck for the rest of my life'."

With everything settled in the Davies household, the striker told Holden that he only has one thing on his mind: "Getting back on the field and banging goals."

Davies will have the opportunity to do just that this Sunday when the Revs face Orlando at 7:30 pm. Davies, who is on the game-day roster, is hoping to play 10-15 minutes.

You can view the full interview here: