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Pokemon Go all the rage in Revolution locker room

Gotta catch them all!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to Pokemon, you gotta catch them all, even if you're a professional soccer player.

By utilizing the GPS feature in smartphones, Pokemon Go challenges people to search for Pokemon in their daily lives. Since debuting last week, the free-to-play game has become quite the phenomenon, penetrating all facets of life. The craze has even hit the New England Revolution locker room.

Steve Neumann posted a picture on Instagram where he's hanging out with a Pokemon.

Tried to convince @tealbunb not to catch my lifting buddy but he did anyway #PokemonGo

A photo posted by Steve Neumann (@steve_neumann5) on

Andrew Farrell is trying to learn the basics of the game, but Scott Caldwell isn't helping.

One player that doesn't seem to care about Pokemon Go is Darrius Barnes, who posted a picture calling out his teammates.