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Foxboro Official: Revs stadium "a matter of when"

Foxboro Finance Director Randy Scollins comments on the Revolution's stadium search.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, The Boston Globe reported that the Kraft family had spoken to representatives from the University of Massachusetts about building a soccer-specific stadium on the waterfront property at the old Bayside Expo Center. While the deal is far from certain, Foxboro officials believe that the New England Revolution will someday have a home of their own.

With rumors swirling that the Revs will relocate to Boston, Foxboro Finance Director Randy Scollins told the Foxboro Reporter that he's well aware that the team is looking to move. While Scollins didn't name a timeline, he is confident that it will happen one day.

"I really do think it's a matter of when," Scollins said.

Scollins stated that playing in a smaller stadium would be beneficial for the Revs and their fans as it would create a more intimate atmosphere. It's also likely that a new stadium would be accessible via public transportation, which would be another big plus for Revs supporters.

While most people like to focus on the positives of building a soccer-specific stadium in an urban location, it's also important to consider the effect that the move would have on Foxboro. Scollins noted that the town would lose more than $400,000 in revenue as they receive $1.52 for every Revolution ticket is sold.