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Revolution star Charlie Davies to appear on Good Morning America

This should be good.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who follows Charlie Davies on social media knows how savvy he is and soon he will share his knowledge with the entire country.

Davies is one of three MLS players that will take over Good Morning America on Monday, May 30. Davies, along with Maurice Edu and David Villa, will talk about the art of taking selfies, interacting with fans, and deciding what to post on social media. The segment is all about engagement in the modern era.

Davies is the perfect ambassador for the New England Revolution and MLS. The striker is always upbeat when dealing with fans, whether it's Twitter, Instagram, or simply post-game meet-and-greets. He's also proven to be an entertaining performer during his appearances on ESPN FC.

The segment is scheduled to take place during the 8:00 am ET hour and is the latest installment of GMA's "Takeover series." Past participants include stars of both Broadway and WWE.