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Did the Revolution deserve a PK against FC Dallas?

The Revs are awarded a PK, but was it the right choice?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Mere minutes after referee Silviu Petrescu awarded FC Dallas a penalty kick, the New England Revolution got one of their own. Was it right for Petrescu to point to the spot? Let's take a look.

The play in question starts with a corner kick that creates chaos in the box. The ball eventually falls to Lee Nguyen, who's denied a touch by Victor Ulloa. Nguyen jumps up due to the contact, leading to a PK. Nguyen then stepped up to the spot and easily beats goalkeeper Chris Seitz to give his team a temporary lead.

So, was it right to call a PK? Ulloa's challenge is high, which gives Petrescu enough of a reason to blow the whistle. Nguyen does oversell the contact, but it's understandable given how often he's fouled.

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