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Davies Fined For Dustup With RBNY's Mike Grella

A seemingly minor shoving match that saw two yellow cards last Friday now gets a third player fined.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Late in last Friday's 1-0 win against the New York Red Bulls, Mike Grella took offense to Teal Bunbury and Charlie Davies preventing him from delaying a restart. Grella and Bunbury were both cautioned on the play by referee Mark Geiger.

Today the MLS Disciplinary Committee fined Davies for violating the league's policy against hands to the face/head/neck area. Essentially that means everyone involved in the 86th minute shoving match is a little lighter in the wallet though Davies will not have a yellow tacked on to his season account for accumulation suspension reasons.

There's nothing particularly special about this incident and was probably one of the few bright moments of game management from Mark Geiger's controversial day last week. I didn't have a problem with Geiger handing out offsetting yellows for two equally petty things (delaying a restart and minor shoving) and certainly don't have a problem with the DisCo making sure all three players involved in the incident get some form of punishment for what should be a very avoidable situation.