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Agudelo talks about his bold playing style

Juan Agudelo nearly scored a highlight reel goal on Friday night.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

There’s just something special about Juan Agudelo.

More than your typical big body up top, the 23-year-old Agudelo brings a certain indescribable flair to the New England Revolution. He’s able to score the simple tap-in but can also produce the goal that captures the top spot on SportsCenter. In fact, it’s something that he almost did on Friday night.

In the third minute of Revolution’s game against the New York Red Bulls, Agudelo saw goalkeeper Luis Robles off his line. The striker was 40 yards from goal but decided to take a chance anyway.

"I looked at who I was going one-on-one against and it’s Kemar Lawrence," Agudelo recalled. "These Jamaican guys are fast so I just picked my head up and I saw the keeper and he was a little bit off his line, and unfortunately, the wind was blowing in the opposite direction."

The ball soared through the blustering wind, giving Robles time to narrowly recover. Agudelo was left wondering what could’ve been if his team "picked the other side of the field in the first half."

Taking such a bold shot would be out of the realm of possibility for most MLS players, but not Agudelo. The striker has a knack for scoring incredible goals, which includes the 2013 tally where he beat Sean Johnson with a back-heel flick and a 2015 bicycle kick against D.C. United.

Agudelo, known as Swagudelo by teammates and fans alike, can’t explain his history of doing incredible feats because it’s just part of who he is.

"I don’t really think about it," Agudelo said. "I just—whatever comes to me. Like I say, maybe it’s a little bit of the South American in me. I kind of just do it."