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Breakers sign Elise Krieghoff, place Sinead Farrelly on disabled list

The Breakers have signed one of their non-roster invitees from preseason

Stephanie Yang

Sinead Farrelly won't be suiting up for Boston any time soon; the Breakers announced that she is on their 45-day disabled list. According to NWSL roster rules, once on the list, the player must remain  unavailable for at least 45 days, regardless of their recovery timeline.

Farrelly was intended to be part of a midfield cohort with McCall Zerboni, but is apparently still recovering from the after effects of a car crash from before preseason.

At the time of the tweet the Breakers had no comment except that Farrelly was not medically cleared to play.

In the meantime, the Breakers have signed forward Elise Krieghoff from Cal Poly, where she had 52 goals and eight assists.

Krieghoff has been training with the team throughout preseason as a non-roster invitee and is the only player from among the eight NRIs to make it this far. She was also warming up with the team at their last game against Seattle; clearly Krieghoff has been dancing around a roster spot for a while now, perhaps contingent on an update of Farrelly's medical status.

The Breakers next play on May 1 at 5 PM ET at home against the Portland Thorns.