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Commissioner Garber comments on Revolution's stadium search

Commissioner Don Garber says that building a stadium in Boston is tough.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the New England Revolution's crusade to build a soccer specific stadium, MLS Commissioner Don Garber is preaching patience.

Garber was recently in Sacramento, CA to talk about the league's ambition to expand to 28 teams. While new clubs will soon enter the fray, Garber remains committed to helping existing clubs meet their goals. This includes the Revolution's plans to build a stadium in an urban location.

"It would be really easy to put a soccer stadium in the parking lot of Patriots Place for the Revolution, but the Krafts know that it has to be in the urban core," Garber told ESPN FC. "And they know that they're not going to get much public support, they know that they're going to have to build in an expensive market, a $250 million stadium. It's got to work, and it's hard."

Stadium talk has increased over the last year with reports claiming that the Krafts are working with Goldman Sachs and looking for sponsors. Garber also recently stated that he has seen renderings of different designs .

Despite all of this, Garber was unable to give a timeline in regards to building a stadium. He did, however, reaffirm his confidence in the project.

"I believe that you guys will still be reporting on soccer when there will be a groundbreaking for the Revolution, absolutely," Garber said. "But when that's going to come, I don't know."