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Freeform Friday: Your Worst Fashion Crimes

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Tell us: what crimes have you committed in the name of fashion?

To celebrate the release of another divisive and generally dissatisfying US Soccer kit (thanks for the template Nike!), The Bent Musket staff are spending this Freeform Friday discussing the worst things they ever wore. Before you judge, please remember the 90s were not kind to most of us.

Jake: I can go in so many directions with this. The bowl haircut I had in elementary school, the Philadelphia Eagles foamhead I wore for a week leading up to the Super Bowl against the Pats in high school, always wearing hoodies. I'm just going to quote an expert, my younger sister, who send me this when I asked what my biggest fashion mistake is:


Steph: I wore overalls a lot all the way until freshman year of high school. Just because they weren't actual Oshkosh b'gosh denim overalls in NO WAY meant they were cool. I would pair this look with a khaki bucket hat and chunky Doc Marten sandals or plain old dirty sneakers. I did not get asked out.

Jon: I went to middle school in the late 2000s, and getting dressed each morning meant Abercrombie and Hollister attire was on full display. Or should I say that funky moose logo and that awkward seagull logo. Or maybe it was a contest in which lingering perfume smell from the store was more firmly entrenched in each thread. Now that I think of it, those stores really were the worst and felt the need to play pop songs at an ungodly volume.

Regardless, being an 8th grader in 2009 was a weird time, and I wore way too many Abercrombie striped polos to count. Oh, and they were always accompanied by cargo shorts from Hollister. Strange times, strange times.

Matty: Frosted blonde tips. Never again.

What's the worst outfit you ever wore? Please include pictures; we promise not to savage you in the comments.*

*this is a blatantly obvious lie