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Breakers release short documentary on team history

The hour-long doc goes all the way back to the foundation of the team in WUSA.

Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images

The Boston Breakers are one of the longest-existing women's soccer teams in the United States. They were founded with the Women's United Soccer Association in 2000 and have operated in some form or another since then.

Now they've created a mini-documentary that collects the oral history of the team from the people who have been involved with the Breakers over the years. That includes legacy players like Kristine Lilly, Karina LeBlanc, Angela Hucles, Leslie Osborne, Kelly Smith, and Monica Gonzales - which is just the tip of the long roster of names who have worn Breakers blue.

The end of the doc lays out some of the team's plans for the future and their current structure, which should be interesting for fans who are looking for a little more transparency.

"We think we are going to be here for years to come. We think the model that we have as a league is very sustainable," says Breakers managing partner Michael Stoller in the doc.

"From the business standpoint we obviously want to increase sponsorship, get more bums on seats for games, more people attending camps, clinics," says general manager Lee Billiard. "We obviously have the academy program. We want to make sure we keep driving the revenue as a business to invest more into what we're doing. In terms of on the field, like everybody we want to win a national championship."