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Power Ranking Lee Nguyen's Revolution Hairstyles

Look good, feel good, play good.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Lee Nguyen is underrated in a lot of ways, but mostly for his follicular arrangements. To rectify this mistake, we've power ranked Lee Nguyen's hairstyles for you.

7. Classic bun with headband

Lee Nguyen power rankings

The bun was great, but the headband ruined everything. I wore that same wrap-style band in grade school in the 90s. The 90s, Lee. You're better than the 90s.

6. Medium length, down, with headband

Lee Nguyen hair power rankings

If he had to wear that headband, it at least looked better with his hair down before it got longer. And as we all know, people who play with their hair down have no effs to give, making them extra dangerous.

5. Short and simple

Lee Nguyen power rankings

This is the haircut you get when you're done with long hair. Short, simple, neat. Boring.

4. Shoulder-length and down

Lee Nguyen power rankings

Look at it. It could stand to use a brush at the top, but you can tell from some of the shine at the bottom that this man conditions. Maybe it's not fair to include this since Nguyen never wore this hairstyle on the field, but we like to play fast and loose with power rankings here.

3. Short, sides shaved, dyed, the "Abby Wambach"

Lee Nguyen hair power rankings

It's definitely interesting to look at, but it feels like it's doing too much.

2. Classic bun, no headband, the "Ragnar Lothbrok"

Lee Nguyen power rankings

The side cut really brings it all together. It's hip, just a little edgy (less edgy now that it's the go-to hipster lumberjack cut of artisanal market-goers everywhere) and it has a nice streamlined feeling. Good with or without the beard.

1. Short, sides shaved, no dye

Lee Nguyen hair power ranking

Really nice. A modern haircut that doesn't try too hard. It can get wild or it can get combed neatly, whether you mean business or you're ready to party hard.

Let us know below what you think was peak Nguyen hair.