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Are the Revolution adding a PSG-like stripe to their 2016 Home Jersey?

We have a source that says the new Revs jersey has a new PSG-like stripe.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Perhaps more anticipated than a new season is the unveiling of a new jersey.

The New England Revolution are set to debut their new primary kit during an event held on Feb. 11 at the Optum Field Lounge at Gillette Stadium. Thanks to some reliable inside information, however, we at The Bent Musket are able to give you an idea of what the new shirt will look like, largely thanks to the artist vision of Ben Saufley.

According to our source, who has seen the jersey personally, the new look will feature a red and white line through the chest, similar to what Paris St. Germain wore in 2014-15. The signature adidas stripes are expected to be on the sides this year, like we've seen with other MLS jerseys. Our source wasn't sure whether the flag of New England would remain on the shirt, saying that this had more to do with adidas than the Revolution.

There are some details that our source didn't confirm, including the color of the side strips or any features around the arms or neck (he didn't say anything about a collar). The "PSG" stripe was also mentioned by our friends Hank Alexandre and Matty Jollie in the latest edition of The Midnight Ride Podcast.

With the information provided, we asked Saufley to created some mocks. Here's what he produced: