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Revolution Preseason: Future father Charlie Davies ready for new season

Charlie Davies is predicted a big 2016.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

In 2015, Charlie Davies scored ten goals, his highest tally since playing for D.C. United in 2011. His objective for the upcoming season? Score more.

"I’ve exponentially gotten better and better [since I’ve gotten here]," Davies told media on Saturday. "Expectations are high for myself. That’s how I’ve always been. I put the expectations high. This season I expect to do a lot of good things for this team."

Davies returned home to New England in 2013 as part of a loan deal with Randers FC. While he only contributed 23 minutes over four games, the Revs welcomed him back as a full-time player the following season. Three goals and four assists in 18 games was an improvement, but it wasn’t until 2015 that Davies truly hit his stride.

A large part of his successful season, in which he offered ten goals and four assists in 33 games, was the support of strength and conditioning coach Nick Downing. Downing and his team helped keep the striker healthy and on the field. It should be no surprise then that Davies looked to Downing to help him prepare for the new season, which he hopes will be his best yet.

"It’s the first off-season where I didn’t have to really focus on strength or getting stronger or getting quicker or faster," Davies explained. "[I’ve been] working on foot skills and quickness and agility. It’s been a great off-season."

The new year also brings excitement in Davies’ personal life as he and his wife are expecting twins in June. The 29-year-old Davies is ready for this significant milestone, and even believes it could affect his on-field play.

"It’s extra motivation, as if I needed anymore," Davies said. "It’s a blessing for me to be able to have twin boys in the making. For me, it’s just continuing to work hard as I have and continuing to build off of my performance of last year."

Although the big moment is still months away, he’s already receiving advice from those who are currently parents. It's advice the he willing relayed to the media.

"Be ready for no sleep," Davies joked.