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Is Andrew Farrell eligible to play for Peru?

Andrew Farrell talks playing international soccer.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

About to begin his fourth season as an MLS starter, Andrew Farrell has earned plenty of praise from around the league. Unfortunately for him, that hasn't resulted in a national team appearance. That could change, however, as the 23-year-old is hoping that his international debut will come soon. The question is, will Farrell play for the United States or Peru?

Born in Louisville, KY, Farrell spent ten years of his youth perfecting his game in Peru. He would later return to the US and play collegiate ball at Louisville University. Farrell readily admits that he feels a deep connection to both countries, which could be a problem when it comes to international soccer.

While US head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has yet to give Farrell a camp invite, Peru has apparently upped their interest. Head coach Ricardo Gareca is reportedly hoping to link up with the New England Revolution center back when he visits the United States in February.

Although Farrell didn’t confirm such a meeting, he did state that the interest proves that he’s grown as a player.

"At this point in my career, I feel happy with how far I’ve come," Farrell told media on Saturday. "Getting that national team attention with whatever country is pretty exciting."

Farrell went on to say that he doesn’t have Peruvian citizenship, which means that paperwork would be involved before he could play for the CONMEBOL country. In fact, he hasn’t given his international future much thought, though it's definitely a dream of his.

"It’s a huge goal of mine to play at the international level," Farrell said. "So just hearing these rumblings on the internet is pretty exciting. Just that in general is huge for me."

For now, Farrell is focused on the Revolution, who will soon embark on their first preseason trip to Arizona. Farrell knows that another season of growth and consistency can only raise his profile.

"I’m just using that as motivation and keep pushing myself to be a better player on the field for the Revs," Farrell stated. "When we do well and we win MLS Cup, I think a lot more attention will come."