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Robert Kraft nearly bought Liverpool

Robert Kraft said that he almost bought Liverpool of the EPL.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Kraft is well-known in the sports world as the owner of both the Patriots and Revolution. The billionaire almost expanded his sphere of influence as he once considered purchasing Liverpool of the English Premier League.

"I actually came close to buying Liverpool," Kraft said in an interview with Sky Sports. "What I loved was the passion of the fans. I came very close, but we decided not to do it at the time."

The time frame of the near-transaction is unclear. Liverpool was bought by American sports owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett in 2007. The duo didn't last long as the team was later sold to Fenway Sports Group in 2010.

Although Kraft ultimately decided against buying Liverpool, he wouldn't rule out making a similar move in the future.

"We’re flirting with a couple of things, and you never know in the future," Kraft commented. "If we ever do do it, it’ll be because we have the opportunity to build a winning franchise."

Kraft will be the subject of a full-length program on Sky Sports that is set to air on Saturday.