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NWSL Draft: updated picks, commentary, and livestream

Keep track here of all the 2016 NWSL college draft action

The 2016 NWSL college draft kicks off on Friday, January 15 at 10 AM ET. You can watch a livestream of the draft below. Check back here for updated lists of draft picks and trades.

List of eligible players

Draft pick order

*indicates international player

Round 1

1. Emily Sonnet (D, Virginia) - Portland Thorns

2. Raquel Rodriguez* (M, Penn State) - Sky Blue FC (pick acquired via trade before the draft in exchange for Nadia Nadim)

3. Christen Westphal (D, Florida) - Boston Breakers (pick acquired during the draft in exchange for Boston's #1 subsidized player pick)

4. Carson Pickett (D/M, Florida State) - Seattle Reign

5. Cari Roccaro (D/M, Notre Dame) - Houston Dash

6. Rachel Daly* (D/F, St. John's University) - Houston Dash

7. Cheyna Williams (F, Florida State) - Washington Spirit

8. Janine Beckie (F, Texas Tech) - Houston Dash (Beckie has dual citizenship)

9. Michaela Hahn (M, Florida State) - WNY Flash

10. Samantha Witteman (D/M/F, UC Berkeley) - Orlando Pride

Round 2

1. Makenzy Doniak (F, Virginia) - WNY Flash

2. Cali Farquharson (F, Arizona State) - Washington Spirit

3. Leah Galton* (D/F, Hofstra) - Sky Blue FC

4. Mallory Weber (M/F, Penn State) - WNY Flash

5. Christina Burkenroad (M/F, Cal State Fullerton) - Orlando Pride

6. Katie Bowen* (D/M, UNC) - FC Kansas City

7. Brittany Ratcliffe (M/F, Virginia) - Boston Breakers

8. Brianne Reed (D, Rutgers) - FC Kansas City

9. Katie Naughton (D, Notre Dame) - Chicago Red Stars

10. Alli Murphy (M, Texas Tech) - Washington Spirit

Round 3

1. McKenzie Berryhill (D/M, Arizona State) - Portland Thorns

2. Sarah Gorden (D, DePaul) - Chicago Red Stars

3. Erica Skroski (D/M, Rutgers) - Sky Blue FC

4. Laura Liedle (D, Stanford) - WNY Flash

5. Paige Nielsen (D/M/F, UNC) - Seattle Reign

6. Britt Eckerstrom (GK, Penn State) - WNY Flash

7. Abby Smith (GK, UT Austin) - Boston Breakers (pick acquired in trade with Chicago Red Stars for #32 and #35 picks)

8. Alexa Newfield (M/F, UNC) - FC Kansas City

9. Caroline Casey (GK, College of William and Mary) - Sky Blue FC (pick acquired from Chicago Red Stars in exchange for #33 and #36 overall picks)

10. Summer Green (M/F, UNC) - Seattle Reign

Round 4

1. Dani Weatherholt (M, Santa Clara) - Orlando Pride

2. Courtney Raetzman (M, Kentucky) - Chicago Red Stars (pick acquired from Boston Breakers for #27 pick overall)

3. Jannelle Flaws (F, University of Illinois) - Chicago Red Stars(pick acquired from SBFC for #29 pick overall)

4. Madalyn Schiffel (GK, University of San Francisco) - Washington Spirit

5. Adrienne Jordan (D/F, University of Northern Colorado) - Chicago Red Stars (pick acquired from Boston for #27 pick overall)

6. Candace Johnson (D, Missouri) - Chicago Red Stars (pick acquired from SBFC for #29 pick overall)

7. Kara Wilson (D/M, Duke) - Washington Spirit

8. Alex Arlitt (D/M, LSU) - FC Kansas City

9. Ashleigh Ellenwood (F, Arkansas) - Chicago Red Stars

10. Lindsey Luke (GK, University of Utah) - Seattle Reign