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NWSL Draft: updated picks, commentary, and livestream

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Keep track here of all the 2016 NWSL college draft action

The 2016 NWSL college draft kicks off on Friday, January 15 at 10 AM ET. You can watch a livestream of the draft below. Check back here for updated lists of draft picks and trades.

List of eligible players

Draft pick order

*indicates international player

Round 1

1. Emily Sonnet (D, Virginia) - Portland Thorns

2. Raquel Rodriguez* (M, Penn State) - Sky Blue FC (pick acquired via trade before the draft in exchange for Nadia Nadim)

3. Christen Westphal (D, Florida) - Boston Breakers (pick acquired during the draft in exchange for Boston's #1 subsidized player pick)

4. Carson Pickett (D/M, Florida State) - Seattle Reign

5. Cari Roccaro (D/M, Notre Dame) - Houston Dash

6. Rachel Daly* (D/F, St. John's University) - Houston Dash

7. Cheyna Williams (F, Florida State) - Washington Spirit

8. Janine Beckie (F, Texas Tech) - Houston Dash (Beckie has dual citizenship)

9. Michaela Hahn (M, Florida State) - WNY Flash

10. Samantha Witteman (D/M/F, UC Berkeley) - Orlando Pride

Round 2

1. Makenzy Doniak (F, Virginia) - WNY Flash

2. Cali Farquharson (F, Arizona State) - Washington Spirit

3. Leah Galton* (D/F, Hofstra) - Sky Blue FC

4. Mallory Weber (M/F, Penn State) - WNY Flash

5. Christina Burkenroad (M/F, Cal State Fullerton) - Orlando Pride

6. Katie Bowen* (D/M, UNC) - FC Kansas City

7. Brittany Ratcliffe (M/F, Virginia) - Boston Breakers

8. Brianne Reed (D, Rutgers) - FC Kansas City

9. Katie Naughton (D, Notre Dame) - Chicago Red Stars

10. Alli Murphy (M, Texas Tech) - Washington Spirit

Round 3

1. McKenzie Berryhill (D/M, Arizona State) - Portland Thorns

2. Sarah Gorden (D, DePaul) - Chicago Red Stars

3. Erica Skroski (D/M, Rutgers) - Sky Blue FC

4. Laura Liedle (D, Stanford) - WNY Flash

5. Paige Nielsen (D/M/F, UNC) - Seattle Reign

6. Britt Eckerstrom (GK, Penn State) - WNY Flash

7. Abby Smith (GK, UT Austin) - Boston Breakers (pick acquired in trade with Chicago Red Stars for #32 and #35 picks)

8. Alexa Newfield (M/F, UNC) - FC Kansas City

9. Caroline Casey (GK, College of William and Mary) - Sky Blue FC (pick acquired from Chicago Red Stars in exchange for #33 and #36 overall picks)

10. Summer Green (M/F, UNC) - Seattle Reign

Round 4

1. Dani Weatherholt (M, Santa Clara) - Orlando Pride

2. Courtney Raetzman (M, Kentucky) - Chicago Red Stars (pick acquired from Boston Breakers for #27 pick overall)

3. Jannelle Flaws (F, University of Illinois) - Chicago Red Stars(pick acquired from SBFC for #29 pick overall)

4. Madalyn Schiffel (GK, University of San Francisco) - Washington Spirit

5. Adrienne Jordan (D/F, University of Northern Colorado) - Chicago Red Stars (pick acquired from Boston for #27 pick overall)

6. Candace Johnson (D, Missouri) - Chicago Red Stars (pick acquired from SBFC for #29 pick overall)

7. Kara Wilson (D/M, Duke) - Washington Spirit

8. Alex Arlitt (D/M, LSU) - FC Kansas City

9. Ashleigh Ellenwood (F, Arkansas) - Chicago Red Stars

10. Lindsey Luke (GK, University of Utah) - Seattle Reign