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MLS Draft 2016 Preview: Ben Polk leads crop of forwards

The forward pool is thin, but the Revs might find a diamond in the rough.

Hadji Berry (right) played four seasons at the University of Central Florida
Hadji Berry (right) played four seasons at the University of Central Florida
Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Revolution haven't selected an effective striker in the SuperDraft since Zack Schilawski in 2010. Despite that, there are several talents out there who could lighten the burden on the shoulders of Charlie Davies, Juan Agudelo and Sean Okoli.

Below are five of the top names available, all of whom offer something a little bit different and unique.

1.) Ben Polk

Many pundits are likening the Syracuse University forward to Dom Dwyer, and those surely are lofty comparisons. He's strong enough to hold the ball up, has quality instincts in the box and knows how to get his teammates involved in the attack.

Those are all elements that indicate he's MLS ready, and some believe he could even be a top-five pick. While there isn't a highlight compilation available, Polk is involved in four of the five goals below.

2.) Michael Gamble

Not an out-and-out striker, Gamble's incisiveness and quickness likely translates to a wide role instead of traditional forward. That'll suit many MLS teams just fine, though, as many employ a 4-3-3 of sorts.

As the below video shows, the Wake Forest University attacker can finish in a variety of ways, too.

3.) Hadji Barry

After a relatively quiet junior season, the 5-foot-11 striker lit up opponents in 2015 for the University of Central Florida. He finished with 11 goals and 3 assists, and possesses natural athleticism that just can't be taught.

It's unlikely he'll come into MLS and start, but you'd be hard-pressed to find an MLS coach unwilling to take a flier on someone like Barry.

4.) Michael Salazar

A senior from the University of California Riverside, Salazar is somewhat of an unknown, but he shouldn't be. He's been capped four times by the Belize national team and scored six goals in each of his two seasons as a Highlander.

He's just an all around good soccer player and can find a role on any team. There's power, there's precision and there's maturity to his game.

5.) Eric Verso

Also a winger, Verso is a player whose small frame likely won't translate well to the center of the park. That's not a problem, however, as he can bump out wide to create, finish and circulate possession.

A four-year player at Stanford University, Verso racked up 13 goals and 19 assists across 72 games. Not too shabby at all.

6.) Fabian Herbers

28 goals and 29 assists across three seasons at Creighton University. That's Hebers' stat line, which will alone make him a highly coveted player come Thursday afternoon.

A natural finisher, Herbers is confident with both feet and possesses the work rate to both make penetrating runs and help out on defense. Truth be told, there's not much missing from his game and he's as MLS ready as any striker in this draft.

Add in the fact that he's a Generation Adidas signing and Herbers becomes all that more attractive a player.