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Boston Breakers end of year awards

Some obvious ones, and one mild surprise.

Stephanie Yang

The Boston Breakers end of year awards are in, with fans voting on rookie of the year, defender of the year, and MVP. Here's how they stacked up:

Golden Boot

Rookie of the Year

Defender of the Year


It's no surprise that Stephanie McCaffrey and Kristie Mewis walked away with the lion's share of the prizes. Between them they accounted for 45% of the Breakers' goals, 50.6% of shots, and 48.9% of shots on goal.

It's slightly surprising to see Julie King get defender of the year over Kassey Kallman, who was the stalwart who kept the back line together, but King also recorded two goals for the season and defender goals are sure to get fans' notice.

As deserving as Mewis and McCaffrey are for their work in offense, hopefully next season will see the attacking burden spread out a little more evenly across the roster.

UPDATE: But wait, there's more! The Breakers still had one more award to give out