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Revolution 3-1 Toronto FC: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

Who deserves Man of the match honors? Cast your vote below.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Revolution coasted to a 3-1 victory over Jozy Altidore and Toronto FC, using two goals from Charlie Davies and a penalty-spot finish from Lee Nguyen to seal the win. Who stood out among the crowd—and deserves Man of the Match honors? Cast your vote below.

Rating Scale: 1.0 Goat → 10.0 Golden Boy


Bobby Shuttleworth - 5.5

Jon - 5: Was rarely called into action in his return to the lineup and could do little on Jonathan Osorio's finessed finish. Did enough to retain his starting job going into the Dynamo match. Jake - 6: Didn't have to do all that much, recorded one save and one punch clearance on a day where Toronto struggled to generate much offense even before TFC went down to 10 men.

Jeremy Hall - 5.75

Jon - 5.5: Much like the last few games, Hall hasn't stood out positively or negatively. Through a steady and sure presence, he once again offered sound defensive positioning and helped quell Giovinco's talents. Jake - 6: Giving Hall more time on the field has at a minimum made him more comfortable, and this was probably his most aggressive game, especially in the final third where he made a few nice runs to generate some offense.

Andrew Farrell - 5.75

Jon - 5.5: Rarely threatened on the evening, but imposed himself when called upon. A quiet night for the center-back and when you don't mention someone like Farrell postgame, it's usually a good thing. Jake - 6: Got involved a little bit with the high pressure, a solid if unspectacular day when the Revs backline was rarely tested by shorthanded Toronto.

Jose Goncalves - 5.75

Jon - 5.5: Much like Farrell, Goncalves' night was quiet. His aggressive first-half header did result in Jozy Altidore's red card, though. Jake - 6: It was a strange day for Goncalves, who picked up a soft but deserving yellow for hands to the face on Giovinco and then drew a red card on Jozy Altidore after he lashed out following an aerial challenge.

Chris Tierney - 6.75

Jon - 6.5: After missing out on the All Star game through an ankle knock and whiplash-like symptoms, Tierney proved why he was nominated in the first place. Made a fantastic surging run in the first half, only to be denied by Joe Bednik. He was also great on set piece deliveries. Jake - 7: Pretty much had open reign down his left flank the entire night and TFC didn't have a lot of answer's for him aside from Bendik absolutely robbing him of a goal.

Scott Caldwell - 7

Jon - 6.5: Going up against Benoit Cheyrou and Marco Delgado in the center of the park, Caldwell more than held his own. Stringed passes together, broke up plays, and quietly did all the nitty-gritty work. Jake - 7.5: Was basically everywhere pinging passes around the center of the field, game really opened up for the Revs after the red card and Caldwell really shined from start to finish on both sides of the ball.

Daigo Kobayashi - 6.5

Jon - 6.5: His through ball to Tierney in the first half was a moment of brilliance and probably should have resulted in a goal. In other facets he was quietly dependable before being replaced by Jermaine Jones. Jake - 6.5: Didn't do as much passing as Caldwell but was just as efficient and had a ton of recoveries as he sat a little deeper on the field. His excellent pass to Tierney would've resulted in an assist were in not for Bendik's heroics. With Jones nearing full fitness he's probably headed back to the bench but his performances these last few weeks have been stellar.

Lee Nguyen - 6.5

Jon - 7: With three goals in his last three games, it appears Nguyen is back in form. Much like last year, he is operating in dangerous positions and pulling all the strings in attack. Jake - 6: Goal from the penalty spot continues his nice offensive streak in recent games but in a game that was so open for the Revs he didn't seem as involved as he could've been (though the Revs had other players taking advantage).

Kelyn Rowe - 7.25

Jon - 7: Surprisingly earned the start and did not disappoint. His cushioned pass on the opener was silky smooth, and he drew the penalty that Nguyen converted. Jake - 7.5: A really nice day from Rowe who has been hot and cold at times this year, his dangerous near post cross was bungled home by Davies and was held in the box to draw the Revs PK at the end of the second half. Still didn't offer a lot in the way of service on the right flank, however.

Diego Fagundez - 6.75

Jon - 7: Diego didn't end up on the stat sheet, but Jay Heaps said postgame that the Uruguayan checked off all the boxes from a coaching perspective. He was that good, folks. Jake - 6.5: A smart game, not a lot a risks, a lot of energy and covered a lot of ground on both sides of the ball. Another player I'd have liked to see more from in an attacking sense under the circumstance, but games like this weren't the minimum from Diego last year. He's grown a lot this year.

Charlie Davies - 7.75

Jon - 7.5: Earn yourself a brace after weeks of hard work and no end product, and you solicit a high ranking. When Charlie is playing like he is now, everything clicks for the Revs. Jake - 8: A well deserved brace for the striker whose hold-up play often times doesn't get rewarded (though I'm not sure he knew much about the first goal—it was a great run to the near post and a true poacher's goal for the second to ice the game).


Teal Bunbury - 5.5

Jon - 5.5: Came on for 25 relief minutes and worked tirelessly on both ends of the ball. Lacked a little sharpness, though. Jake - 5.5: A good two way shift to close out the game and despite his tremendous efforts on defense, even as a starter, it still seems odd to call him a defensive minded sub (but in this case, he was).

Juan Agudelo - 5.5

Jon - 5.5: Was close to scoring a wonder goal when he nearly chipped Joe Bednik, but didn't do too much outside of that. His hold up play is strong, and I'm starting to think striker is his best spot. Jake - 5.5: Didn't get much of the ball in the final third but when he did Swags was shooting and that's perfectly fine with me. Nearly chipped Bendik, though it was blocked. Fired two more from close range off target

Jermaine Jones - 6

Jon - 6: The Designated Player was active in his return to the fold, acting like a midfield marshall. He was directing traffic and passes, all while offering a palpable sense of leadership. Jake - 6: Pretty much convinced that 50 years from now Jermaine Jones will be able to get out of bed and hit diagonal balls with precision, that added dimension in the Revs attack has been sorely missed these last few months.