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Jerry Bengtson moves to Iran, sees dead sheep

Oh, Jerry...

David Silverman-USA TODAY Sports

The latest update about Jerry Bengtson involves Iran and a couple of dead sheep.

After parting ways with the New England Revolution in mid-June, Bengtson has now relocated to Iran, signing a one-year contract with Persepolis F.C. The former Designated Player spent time in native Honduras before going on trial with Maccabi Netanya F.C.of Israel. When nothing official materialized, the lanky striker moved farther east.

Bengtson, a veteran of the 2014 World Cup, was immediately introduced to an unfamiliar custom as two dead sheep were present at practice. The slaughtered animals were recognized and touched by some players, though neglected by others. For a look at the sheep ritual, skip to the 50 second mark of this video.

The move to Iran is certainly an interesting one for Bengtson. At 28 years old, it's possible that the poacher can experience a resurgence. That said, the past three years haven't been kind to Bengtson and joining Persepolis is an indication of that.