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Shuttleworth plans to keep the number 22

Bobby Shuttleworth is the number one goalkeeper that wears the number 22.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Certain numbers have a special meaning in the soccer world. The number 9 traditionally refers to a holdup forward, while the number 10 generally belongs to the creative force in the midfield. The number 1 is typically found on a netminder’s jersey, but that isn’t the case in New England.

Bobby Shuttleworth has firmly established himself as first-choice between the sticks for the New England Revolution. The position was once occupied by the legendry Matt Reis, but became vacant after the 2013 season. After a preseason competition with Brad Knighton, Shuttleworth was announced as the starter for First Kick 2014.

Two years into being a regular in the starting XI, Shuttleworth has no intention to change from the number 22.

"I’m kind of settled on 22," Shuttleworth said on Wednesday. "I’m not really bothered by my number to be honest with you."

When Shuttleworth initially joined the Revolution in 2009, he donned the number 34. In 2013, the New York native sported 22, a number previously worn by Benny Feilhaber.

While Shuttleworth’s 22 has become important to many Revs fans, the number doesn’t actually have any particular history for the player himself.

"I was 34 and that was the number that was given to me," Shuttleworth explained. "I wanted to move into something a little bit lower. I chose 22. No significance, just one of the numbers I could pick out of."