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Jermaine Jones feels at home in New England

Jermaine Jones reflects on one year in New England.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

One year ago the New England Revolution acquired Jermaine Jones. The signing—perhaps the biggest in club history—was monumental for the Revolution as Jones has brought so much to the team, both on and off the field.

The Revolution’s pursuit of Jones became publicly in early Aug. 2015. At the time, the US international was also being courted by the Chicago Fire, creating a sticky situation that ultimately led to a bind draw, a mechanism that has since been retired.

Once allocated to Revolution, Jones instantly became the face of the team, appearing on billboards, commercials, and much more. Beyond reinvigorating the Revs fan base, the Jones signing put the national spotlight squarely on New England.

"It’s a big signing," Andrew Farrell reflected. "It shows that the front office wants to make this team the best that they can. Jermaine’s been a great addition to our team, whether it’s been on the field, off the field, or marketing. He’s a big-name player and he’s a great guy."

While Jones certainly helped increase merchandise and ticket sales, head coach Jay Heaps is more satisfied with how the Designated Player has affected the play on the field.

When Jones makes an appearances, the Revs are 16-3-7. When he starts, the team is 13-2-7. These results are not only a testament to Jones’ quality, but also his ability to positively alter the team’s psyche.

"He’s brought a winner’s mentality and I think that’s the most important thing," Heaps said. "He’s the best player on the field all of the time. For me, it’s all about the mentality and the energy he brings our group."

A naturally modest individual, Jones credits his success to the support of those around him. Though his family is located on the West Coast, Jones feels more than comfortable in New England.

"Since I’ve been here, I’ve had a lot of fun," Jones said. "I would say that the whole team, the whole club, [and] fans all are behind me. It’s easy to play when you feel at home."

Jones' future is currently in limbo as his contract is set to expire at the end of the season. There's certainly a possibility that he remains with the Revs and even relocates his family to the area. There's also a chance that his time in New England comes to an end.

"I always say that I feel home [in New England]," Jones stated. "My family was here to visit to see how Boston is and my family likes it too. It’s not always how you like it. You have to sit down and discuss other stuff, too. If we find a point, I’ll be happy to stay, but if not, I have no problem to move on."