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Rhinos Visit Charlotte Independence at 7:00PM

Rochester Rhinos (12-0-7) travel to North Carolina to face Charlotte Independence (5-6-5) on Saturday night. The Rhinos look to reach 20 games unbeaten in their second match against Charlotte in 15 days.

Rochester hosted the Charlotte Independence on July 18 in a listless match that finished scoreless. That contest produced few sequences of note and the first half was particularly difficult to watch. In the second half Revolution midfielders Tyler Rudy and Timi Mulgrew injected creativity and energy but still couldn't break the deadlock.

The Rhinos have a 5-0-6 record on the road this season; which amounts to 1.9 points per game (a shade behind the team's overall average of 2.26 points per game). Rochester has tied four of their last five games on the road, with the outlier a 2-0 win at Toronto.

Rochester Rhinos starting lineup:
Brandon Miller;
Pat McMahon, Julian Ringhof, Grant van de Vasteele, Vasilis Apostolopoulos;
Kenardo Forbes, Tony Walls, Mike Garzi, Johnny Mendoza;
Alex Dixon, Steevan Humberto Fortes "Duba" dos Santos

Rochester bench: Adam Grinwis, Sean Totsch, Drew Ruggles, Marcos Ugarte, Timi Mulgrew, Colin Rolfe, Christian Volesky

Charlotte Independence starting lineup:
Matt Lampson;
Mechack Jerome, Pat Slogic, Bilal Duckett, Ben Newnam;
Andrew Ribeiro, Alex Martinez, Enzo Martinez, Paolo DelPiccolo, Carlos Alvarez;
Tomasz Zahorski

Charlotte bench: Eric Ati, Caleb Calvert, Ryan Finley, Raphael Cox, Daniel Jackson, Henry Kalungi, Dominique Badji