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Jones Was in the Bathroom When Donovan Scored the Algeria Goal

Jermaine Jones tells a number of interesting stories to ESPN.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone has the chance to talk to Jermaine Jones at some point because the man is simply entertaining. The US international proved this point in an interview where he bared both his body and soul ahead of the July 10th release of ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue.

Speaking to reporter Morty Ain, Jones told a number of captivating asides, including where he was when Landon Donovan scored the infamous Algeria goal (the toilet) and the injury he got during the USMNT's "snow game" (a hole in his foot).

Beyond offering stimulating tales, Jones also affirmed his commitment to the New England Revolution. The Designated Player hopes to return to the MLS Cup this year, only this time he wants the trophy. Jones went as far as to say, "I'm not here to make friends with other teams; I'm here to win."

In order to do that, Jones knows that he has to get healthy and push himself on a daily basis, even if it's an activity he's not particularly fond of. Such is the case with the weight room. Jones told Ain, "When I came to New England, I told the fitness coach, 'You have to push me always, always -- if not, I will not go to the gym.'"

Jones to currently working his way back to full health after undergoing surgery to repair a bilateral sports hernia. To read Jones' highly interesting interview with ESPN, click here.